“The Enrollment Immersion Experience was an incredible 3 days. I was staggered at the value I received. The high quality information was exactly what I needed to move myself to the next level and start my business. I learned how to connect with people on a deeper level and offer them my product while still feeling true to myself and authentic. So many questions were answers, and the activities put me in situations where I had new realizations. I’ve had new insights about my life, myself, what I value, how I think, and what my purpose is. Thank you.”
– K.J.
“My experience with the Freedom Catalyst has helped me overcome any money issues I didn’t even know I had. I loved being transformed as I gathered valuable information to be a change agent. I was overcome with emotion watching the patterns of self-worth unfold in developing my own needs with money. I feel like everyone needs to re-kindle their relationship with money, and fall in love not only with who they are, but with others. The connection between money and relationships is invaluable! And my own self-worth is incalculable. Thanks Tyler and Emily for sharing a part of you! The simulations and discussions were memorable.”
“I came to the Freedom Catalyst looking for direction on how to repackage myself and my story. I have gained insight and wisdom that has helped me redirect my negative thinking and empower myself in a way I did not think was possible any more. PTSD rocked my foundation to the core, and shifted my existence for the worse. Walking away today, I am more confident and have a way better direction than I have in a long time. Thank you Tyler for your inspiration and your time. I will never forget it.” –M.W.
“The enrollment mastermind has been an incredibly connecting and enlightening experience. I was able to get focused individualized training on enrollment conversations, business structure/planning, creating automated systems, and hands-on practice applying the tools and techniques we learned. Tyler and Emily understand how to connect on a core level and how to facilitate that connection with groups and individuals so that they can find their purpose, create the income they desire, and live their dreams.” – M.E.
“I’ve been terrified in the past of putting together packages or any steps forward to promote myself or my business, yet have had dreams of being able to support my family on a great income from what I’ve earned. Earnings made that did not involve a schedule that ate up all of my time with my family as I am homeschooling my daughter and I want to be able to interact with her as much as possible while teaching her what her business potential is. I feel quite confident in what I need to achieve now. This was literally an answer to prayers. This class required a lot of sacrifice financially, but a path was made (I had a miraculous experience that literally delivered $2,000 to my door – the amount the 3S Enrollment package was offered to me at.) I am so thankful for the chance I had to totally and completely trust my Higher power and the strengthening of the connection I have experienced with them. Thank you Tyler and Emily!” –L.G.
“The Enrollment Immersion Experience has literally changed my life! I was given tickets by a friend who recognizes the crucial turning point I was at in my life as a newlywed. Who was really struggling with feeling of no value to myself, and wishing I could be anyone else but me. I didn’t want my gifts. I was angry with myself, and my marriage was suffering because of our deep financial stress. As they say in the scriptures, “I came to myself,” in this class. I realized that my purpose is to attract money so that I can travel to every country and continent in the world to empower God’s children, and thereby change the world! And I am willing to do whatever it takes to make that a reality, because I know I will not become the woman God created me to be to change the world unless I acted now and change, and that’s what I choose to do!” – C.B.
“I have learned so much this weekend. I believed I could not have an authentic conversation ever! Now I feel like I have learned how to connect with people with confidence and authenticity. I feel like I can shave my message with anyone I meet. I feel like I have overcome my fear of talking to others a life-long fear I have struggled with. My life has changed forever.” – P.G.
“The Enrollment Immersion Experience was so eye opening. I had many new perspectives that would have taken me a lifetime to learn, but I found it in this class. Tyler is so personal. He teaches in ways that has helped me. It spoke to my heart. He is skilled in the way he converses. I know that the things/ideas taught, when practiced, will help me gain the success I dream of. How grateful I am to have this experience. Gain more clarity, and grow to another level. Thank You. I will forever be grateful for this class and for a mentor that has made a huge impact in my life” – B.W.