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These last couple of weeks have been crazy, fun, and inspiring for our Freedom Catalyst team. Where were Nathan and I all week?


What were we doing? We flew out to New Peaks “Enlightened Warrior Training Camp.” to do crazy things like…





And work with amazing people like THESE…

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And some extremely tough dudes like THESE…


It was an intense, awesome, and enlightening experience for us, where we were thrown into hands on learning experiences to truly decide to be a leader and a warrior in our lives. It is bringing so much more to the team already. Last week we held our quarterly Mastermind event with some of our favorite people! Follow our blog, or check it next week for some updates and pictures from our event!


WORDS OF WISDOM THIS WEEK: How to Vision and Process to Get Your BIG Goal 10 Times Faster

(Read through these amazing insights and actually apply them as you go)

“I want you to think about a goal that inspires you, the one that has been tucked away. You know what I’m talking about. It is that goal that 1, 3, 5, 10 years in the future you think, “I really want this.” Think about that goal and write it down. Now that you have this goal that seems impossible to achieve, let’s go through a process so that you can achieve that goal 10 times faster. Those of you that have a vision board you are going to put that goal on your vision board right now, because it is going to be something that you are going to create as fast as you can. For me, I was thinking, “Hey I want to create $400,000 by the end of December.” This goal that you are putting off, this is the thing you are going to get right now, not in “a couple months or something”. In reality, reality is whatever you create, and why not get it now? Why wait?


While you are working towards this goal, your are going to feel emotions coming up, and you might start thinking, “oh this is impossible” or “this is getting way too hard”, or “maybe I will in a few years or a few months”. This is when you really need to start doing some emotional clearing. Many of you know how to do EFT and other emotional clearing methods, begin applying them to your dreams.You have got to start clearing yourself because the only thing stopping you from obtaining this goal right now is you. The only thing keeping me from getting that result today is me. It is not my outside circumstance, it’s not because I don’t have my event set up yet, and I haven’t gone out and started promoting for the big event, because I haven’t gotten my class built, or because I don’t know the right people. It is not because of anything other than me. And the faster you can get this through, the faster you will accomplish your goal. The only thing that you will ever be able to change is yourself. You have got to remember this: You can change quickly. You can change today. And if you believe you can, guess what? You probably will. However if you believe that it has got to be hard, it has got to be a struggle. Guess what it will probably be, hard, and a struggle. So write down this goal and I challenge you for the next two weeks to look at it, and allow opposition to come up, allow yourself to get frustrated and then take a few minutes to clear it. Clear any disbelief, because the only thing keeping you from it is yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions, and the faster you can get through them, the faster you will be able to have your dreams. The faster you will be able to create, because you are a creator, and you deserve success.


Every single one of you deserves what you just wrote down. You do, and if you don’t believe it, then change it. Because I know you deserve it and I know you are amazing. It doesn’t have to be hard. Go to, put that on your wall, and start looking at that every single day. I want you to do something you might not have done before. I want you to start playing with this, so that you are looking at this, with your goal in your mind while trying to achieve it, and start having fun. Start diving at it, looking at it and saying crazy things and just getting excited about this goal. When you can get this through and it can sink in, it will feel as if it has already happened, and when you get to that point as if it has already happened, it will happen right then. Because you have already experienced it and your subconscious doesn’t know any different. Start committing to your success, and instead of going out and working harder start working smarter.  If you took 5 to 10 minutes every day to process, and clear your disbelief’s and feelings that you don’t deserve it, then you could clear them completely from you, so you can finally live your purpose and your mission and get paid what you are worth. Boom get it done, and as soon as you get it done create another goal that’s completely unbelievable and see how fast you can get it off. This is my challenge.


Think the impossible and go for it because the only thing that can stop you is you. No person on this planet no force on this planet can stop you. If it is in alignment with who you are then go for it. People are lowering their goals, and lowering their standards. They’re saying, “Oh no I didn’t do it, maybe I will lower my goal.” Then they will go lower and lower and lower, and they quit creating, they quit changing, and they allow things to change them. They allow their circumstances to stop them, and to keep them from what is really deep inside of them. Tune into yourself right now, and commit to yourself, not to me or to anybody else, but commit to yourself and creating this goal. Start the process of change. I promise you that as you start doing this your energy is going to increase, and the higher energy you are the more you are able to create. You are going to start tapping into people who can help you create this goal. Opportunities will come that will completely blow your mind. You will achieve.”

– Tyler Watson

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